Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - The yeah, it's been awhile edition

Yup, haven't blogged in a long time.  For any newbie twin parents, um, enjoy age two.  That is all

  • Halloween - we live in a spread out subdivision and people don't expect many kids.  Hence, the girls came back with full sized candy bars, pre-made baggies full of candy, gear, frosty coupons.......  insane.  And all good stuff.  Not a single thing even my eight-year old self, way back when, would have made an eye roll at.  Guess the bit-o-honey days are over?  

  • Three has not been the best age (hah, yup, out of all the ones we've gone through)  I get even one kid can be tough, but, and forgive me, unless you've BTDT with multiple toddlers, don't assume one is just like two.  99% of what drives us crazy regards their interactions with each other.  

  • Of course, with that in mind, I also have to remember the fun parts of having twins, as my little sister is fifteen weeks pregnant with her own set of double trouble.  I'm not quite sure the whole "bond" and  experience of being a twin, kind of neat both ours and hers will have twin cousins to share what it's like.

  • Have been dealing with a few things that honestly, hitting my head on a brick wall would cause less of a headache.  Being between a rock and a hard place sucks.

  • Sleep, either due to the above post, or a combination of factors, is not happening much.  I'd pay dearly for an actual 6-8 hour night of continuous sleep.  (My deal, except for some random toddler wakings, they sleep fine)

  • You would think three decades of living in a state that sees a winter climate would have me somewhat adjusted.  Um no, this thirty or below crap is just not for me.  Early to be discussing it, but snow lost its usefulness once one is out of school and has no cancellations.   Not to mention kids have it way easier with that today - instant notification.  Come on, where's the fun of listening to the radio for hours since your district was way down on the alphabet scale. 

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    Friday, July 15, 2011

    Friday Night Leftovers - the "feeling lazy & using pictures edition"

    Sadly, the pics are also FB ones so might not be new for some of you.  (Again, emphasizing the word lazy)

    • Toddler logic is in a league all by itself.  I told Audrey, who has been wanting to be carried everywhere lately, she was getting big so she could walk a little on her own when we picked them up from school.  She turned to hubby and said "mommy too little to carry me!"   Um, no, not exactly what I meant. 
    • We were very happy tonight that the girls were entertaining themselves while we got dinner ready.  That is until we saw what they were doing - pretty amusing, but how does one (or two) decide their shoes must take over the play kitchen?
    • Ah, so the question "are they identical" still remains.  (To go on record, I say they're not)  However, they are close enough to fool their aunt, who was, until these pics, 100% on knowing who's who.  (Tricky, tricky to have the non-pacifer user not playing fair)
    • I promise one day I'll get some wedding pics up - however, the girls' second flower dresses came in for my brother's wedding, so at least you can see that.  Not sure why Allie is making a face, she's been in a dress mode all week. 
    • Having toddlers is first off, a quick way to make sure you censor anything you say as they will remember it.   Secondly, that works the same for anything they see.  Tonight, they got out their little cell phones and I heard such things as "talking to grandma on speaker,"  "Hi (Uncle) Kiss (Chris), drinking appletinis?"  and "Daddy, drive faster, pass a car"   (In toddler speak of course)  
    • The appletini story is a much longer one, we'll get to that another time. 
    • So a boy at school thinks Allie is pretty, and now Audrey always needs to say goodbye and hug a particular boy.  Really?  Girls, no dating until you're thirty, remember?   I do feel for them though - when they do start dating, hubby's going to have a field day. 
    • Latest favorite hairstyle

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    Friday, July 8, 2011

    Friday Night Leftovers 7-8 -the mostly complaining version

    • Yeah, yeah, I need to put up some wedding pictures. Or just hit me up on facebook, less work for me!! I will try to put some up this week though for the non-facebook people (or for non-FB friends, aw, why don't you want to be friends? :p ) Sorry, was a topic from our party last Saturday. A friend of ours keeps deleting one of his friends just because it drives the guy nuts. Pretty amusing if you ask me. I don't know, do you take being "unfriended" that personally? (Then again, how the hell do you know? Sounds like our friend has a stalker :p)
    • Speaking of the party, wow. I'm glad hubby had a great time because I had some "fun". To summarize: having to (constantly) run interference with kids who weren't mine, including pulling them out of our closed prior-to-the-party bedroom where they were "playing" with a very terrified cat. One of them even told me to go away. Let's just say that did not happen. She started crying which caused her mother to appear. Hi, and where have you been? And while I understand there will be noise past when our girls went to sleep, do you have to yell "good-bye, we're leaving" while standing right by their closed door?
    • "Technically" our little house rule has been we stay upstairs mostly until our kids are asleep. (Reason being is a longer story on the private blog if anyone's interested or needs an invite. For IRL, no private blog for you, but shoot me a note and I'll email) This party was the first one where hubby didn't follow, and yes, it was his birthday, but I've kept to the rule on days that are more geared towards me. Thoughts? (We're indecisive if we want to move so why we're not finishing the basement and while the girls do stairs usually fine, I'm not keen on leaving them free to roam up and down)
    • Hubby's (typical, super-stubborn which I expected yet not a fan of) response when I started to vent a bit was "fine, we just won't have anyone over again." Really.....really!?!? He once commented why he never argued with certain people growing up because "they were like talking to a brick wall." That drove him crazy, yet...........
    • Start them young! Hubby was nice enough (despite moving a tad slow the next morning) to keep with our plans to meet my aunt, uncle and cousin at a winery. After a tour, they had a tasting and had a few varieties of juice for the girls to try. Audrey found this to be highly entertaining, held her own cup, didn't spill, and even commented that she liked the one with bubbles - sparkling raspberry juice- the best (hmm time to get rid of sippy cups? Suicidal idea I know, but I do have really good carpet cleaner)
    • Things to keep in the car/truck - an umbrella!! A major pop-up thunderstorm came about just as we were picking up the girls. We're talking flash-flooding water amounts and just pouring. The only umbrella hubby dug out of the truck was a golf bag sized (like the little ones to keep your clubs dry) He had parked as close to the sidewalk as possible, which left me to get out in the already water-logged grass, fun! Well we were soaked by the time we got into the building. When we went to leave, Audrey said "I no want to get wet" so she got shielded by the little umbrella and the rest of us got drenched a little more. Luckily, Allie didn't mind.
    • Speaking of Allie, hubby doesn't have to worry anymore. From last Friday's post, Audrey is in a local magazine cover contest and he jokingly said Allie would have a complex since I didn't enter her. (Didn't have a good non-paci pic on the new laptop, honest.......) Well, he went to pick them up from school last week and overheard a boy tell her "you're pretty." It's already started. Of course this led to rumblings of "get your shotgun ready" to hubby. Yes we own guns. Now, my family when I was growing up didn't so I have to ask, did anyone's dad truly sit out in the open and clean a gun for a prospective boyfriend?
    • And yes, once again, I'm going a bit toddlers and tiaras and asking for votes. Hey, it's an opportunity to go to the mall - due to living a bit out of the way and married to a mall hater, I rarely go, if you'd like to submit a pity vote just for that fact)
    • Blogger still is being finicky on formatting and trying to comment on blogs. Maybe my cousin is right and tumblr is the way to go.
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    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Friday Night Leftovers - the "it's kind of vacation" edition

    As most IRL people know, little sister's wedding was last week and I promise a bunch of pictures when I get some nice high-res (aka not taken via phone) photos. Moving on............

    • Our somewhat vacation is next week - we're technically off work which means we'll probably spend a lot of time either at work or doing things I wouldn't tend to call vacation. (Like hubby's plan to either fix the yard or the cars)

    • I can only sum up our trip to New York as an experience. The girls did really well, but we never factored in how the first few days back at home would go. Can we say "baby hangover?"

    • I seriously have decided I hate my hair.

    • While I'm not pro-pesticide, I have to wave the white flag for tonight. Our plum tree is in very bad shape, so sorry, the Japanese beetles had to go.

    • I love our girls, but the couple days off and on while driving to New York (sans kids) were so.........quiet. Even got through three brand new books (thanks mom!!)

    • We have a new roof. Not that exciting, but watching hubby makes up for it. I now realize his excitement at a new roof must equal a day at the mall for me. Literally, it took him multiple trips to both Lowe's and Home Depot to decide on a color and he still isn't sure he picked the right one.

    • Apparently we're raising very particular girls. They had (yellow) cakes to take home this week that they had made at school. That night I asked Audrey if she wanted some, and she quickly responded "no, I wanna choc-kit cake." Granted, both hubby and I would agree, but sheesh.

    • Audrey is quite the observer. She's very quick to say "goodbye Mommy, Daddy" anytime she sees us talking with her teachers. Guess we're ruining her grand plan. The bad part is she's starting to rub off on Allie.

    • Hubby's convinced I'm going to end up on Toddlers and Tiaras since Audrey is in a magazine contest. Eh, okay so due to lack of pictures I didn't enter Allie but still, you have to have a little fun, right? Okay, maybe's he's right. Haha. See, vote now! (yeah, I used her full name Audrina)

    • I hate (make that as bold as you can) my new laptop. It has the pickiest touchpad and it's driving me crazy. Very upset I had to give up my old one.

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    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Ten time-saving tips for the busy mom

    Considering my last post was back in, oh, November, I tend to think I can sometimes fall into the "crazy, busy" category. And yes, the thought of coffee can be quite the motivator. (Yes, my goal of giving up caffeine has been postponed, probably for a very, very long time. Let's say when the girls are maybe 18.) Besides having twin toddlers, I'm no expert in anything, but I've certainly had to manage my time a lot more since the little people showed up. I've claimed on several occasions having twins was payback for anytime I ever muttered "I'm bored."

    #1. Lists can be your friend. I'm not talking about grocery or shopping lists (well, yes those can work too) but a general "to do" list. I have one for work and for home. Besides the fact writing things down tends to help get them off my mind, and less chance keeping me awake at night, there's a satisfacation in crossing things off. My memory is nowhere near what is used to be (ahem, girls) so putting things down on paper is a must if they are ever to be accomplished.

    #2. Use your idle time. Now, this may not work for everyone, but if you have blocks of time that are seemingly useless, they don't have to be. For me, it's in the car as I don't drive to work. Hah, so there are benefits to working with your spouse. I can pay bills, check e-mails, and plus a lot more on our nice forty minute commute. (This comes from someone who was very unhappy to find out flip-phones have gone the way of the dinosaur, but I do love my little Android now) Okay, so some of my commute may be devoted to facebook and Angry Birds. We're working on that. Speaking of apps, for the coffee lover, here's another.

    #3. Shop off hours. This is a huge one for us. Besides dealing with having to navigate crowded grocery stores and the like, if we have the girls with us, it can take forever with people stopping to talk to the girls, ask us questions, and so forth.

    #4. The freezer / fridge combo. So not everything works for everyone. We're just not crockpot people I guess. Well, okay, hubby isn't, as to be fair, I can't really comment as I am not the cook. What he likes to do is buy meats in bulk when they're on sale, split them up into smaller portions and then into the freezer bags they go. Before we leave in the mornings, one goes into the fridge to thaw, and by dinner time he's come up with what he wants to do. Case and point, it was chicken this morning.

    #5 Give and take. This might seem like a bizarre example, but as we are big into grilling when the weather's nice, I'm sticking with it. Both hubby and I prefer the good old charcoal style. However, throw in two hungry, fussy toddlers and two hungry, tired of the fussing parents, sometimes there's just not time to wait for the fire. Problem solved: having no other thoughts last year for his birthday, hubby went for a gas grill. I could say I can taste a difference, and I can, but the time savings makes up for that. I am currently obsessed with grilled stuffed peppers. Did I say how nice it is to have a husband who cooks?

    #6. Have a backup. We have twins, and either by coincidence or having so much going on, neither of us has a working memory that you'd want to rely on. We have easily left without a diaper bag on enough occasions that I'd run out of fingers trying to count them all. Solution was to keep a mini-bag with at least a few diapers and wipes (and a spare Allie pacifier) that stays in the car.

    #7. Utilize the no kid time. Yeah, I love them, but the girls can kind of slow you down in getting things done. While there comes a point I like to just chill for a moment, once they're asleep is prime time for cleaning up the kitchen, getting some laundry done, cutting the grass, you name it. I also find it to be less frustrating in general. We get home fairly close to their bedtime, so it's nice to try and really interact with the girls versus trying to fold laundry and keep them entertained.

    #8. You're the parent. This probably means you're also the bad guy on a lot of fronts, but somebody has to do it, right? The girls are the happiest with us if we stick to a schedule. If this means leaving functions early, showing up only after they've had a nap, or just saying no, then so be it. Less stress is always better if you're already feeling like you're running on empty. I'd probably say this also includes turning down donations if you really don't need them. Less clutter is also a huge plus.

    #9. Take a break. While I have a perfectionist train of thought (and fail completely) I can honestly say sometimes just wave the white flag. This especially pertains to social media, and why I took a nice little stint from blogging. If you're really feeling overwhelmed, it might not hurt to take a temporary break from certain activities. DVRs are great for this purpose as well versus trying to make sure you're around to catch every new "True Blood" episode. (Then again, the new season does start this Sunday so that might be one I'll make the time to watch and my segue to #10)

    #10. Schedule in free time. Otherwise, you might as well commit yourself. Well, okay I'm being a bit overdramatic, but running full tilt from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep is asking for problems, insomnia especially. "Winding down" time is a must. While I have a few tv shows I like, I have found listening to music or reading a book takes my mind off the clock for awhile the best. This goes hand in hand with number 7. I allot a certain amount of time once the girls are asleep to knock out a few tasks, but when we get to about an hour from my hopeful bedtime, I say the day is done.

    So hopefully a few, if not more, of those will help some overly stressed parent. I've found feeling too busy greatly interferes with my sleep and that's not good so I'm trying to really get things in a nice routine, as "boring" as that sounds, because things just run smoother that way. Morning coffees fit in there somewhere, I'm pretty sure, and for that, I have toddlers who equate anything coffee related to "mommy." Sadly, they also have picked up on the fact Starbucks sells cookies.

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    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    Call me crazy..........

    Ugh, poor little neglected blog. I have NO idea why a couple of days ago this seemed like a good idea and as I tend not to enjoy failing at things (even though we do it so well - wanted to have two kids spaced nicely years apart) I'm going to try to "finish" Nanowrimo, otherwise known as write a 50,000 page novel in a month. Again, why I decided to do that with working, twin toddlers, a blog, and a slight addiction to Facebook's Family Feud, right. My poor plot has major issues and already screams mass market paperback but considering the word count, I really can't change much of that right now. I used to be creative. Is it age or having kids that kills that? Anyone creative and bored hit me up. Writing 1600 words a night with no plot isn't working out so well. (Really, you don't say?)

    I'm also apparently missing the "twin" thing. Yes, the girls may have had stunt double shirts as little babies and hubby does like to dress them alike for his family's functions to confuse people. That's about it though. I came across where a couple of other twin moms have twin picture frames or working the twin thought into greeting cards and just occurred to me I don't do any of that. Not that you shouldn't if you have multiples, it's just not me. Maybe it's the inner cynic or I think they'll labeled as "the twins" enough. Granted, their names are very close but that was more by accident and not wanting to end up with an "Anastacia and Jane." Although technically we don't really have picture frames around the house anyway. I have pictures waiting for frames, but lovely hubby likes to order oddball picture sizes.

    And as this is mostly an open blog, another point to the above: Just because I don't like something someone else may, it doesn't mean anything else. I don't remember who I was talking to awhile back, but they seemed to take a slight offense when I said I didn't like something they did. Um, I hate vanilla cake. I do not consider myself above anyone eating a vanilla cupcake, it's just a preference. (And yes, our wedding cake was chocolate.)

    Speaking of weddings, we were at a reception Halloween night so the girls hung out with grandma and Uncle Chris & Aunt Lori to help hand out candy. (haha, I'm ahead of myself technically since they're getting married next fall but close enough. Then again, that could start the whole discussion on your definition of family but we'll save that for another day.)

    Ballerinas thanks to grandma. I like my idea for next year to have them be the good witch and the bad witch from "Oz." (okay yes, I will milk the twins concept for great Halloween ideas. Come on now, they could easily also go as the two girls from "The Shining.") However my friend pointed out how she'd be kind of ticked if her sister got to be all pretty and pink and she got stuck with green face paint - point taken. I'm very sad it's November because October was awesome for horror movies on the television. I think we watched three in one night. Bad idea to stay up though that late. Thankfully even McDonald's serves fru-fru coffee.

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    For Summer....

    Please keep Summer and her family in your thoughts today